Three assassinated presidents
  1. President E. J. Roye (1870-1871)
    The circumstances surrounding President Roye's death after the country's first 
    coup d'état remain a mystery. Numerous sources report that he got drowned, but according to Roye's close friend Edward Blyden the deposed president was shot after escaping from prison. Also Roye's succession by his Vice President, James Smith, is disputed. 
  2. President William R. Tolbert Jr.
    On April 12, 1980, William R. Tolbert, Jr., was savagely murdered in Liberia's first military coup d'état that ended 133 years of uninterrupted Americo-Liberian rule and brought Liberia's first tribal president,
    master-sergeant Samuel K. Doe, to power. 
  3. President Samuel K. Doe (1980 - 1990)
    A year after the start of the civil war President Samuel Doe was captured
    by rebel leader Prince Y. Johnson. Doe was tortured, mutilated and finally brutally killed. Everything was videotaped. In the confusing period following Doe’s assassination, Prince Johnson claims to have been acting President, for three months, before the arrival of the Interim
    Government of National Unity (IGNU) headed by Profesor Amos Sawyer.