Not only in Liberia
Ritual Killings in other countries


Ritual killings in:

  • Asia

    • India
      Condemning in the most severe words the act of a tribal [priest] sacrificing a nine-year-old child to appease a deity in Jharkhand, the Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty awarded to him and said that in such cases the extreme punishment "should be the rule".
      December 1, 2003

    • Indonesia
      3 Indonesian tribesmen get death for ritual killings
      Indonesian court has sentenced to death three men from an indigenous tribe on remote Seram island,north of Maluku province, for ritual killings, a local newspaper reported Tuesday.
      February 14, 2006

    • Sri Lanka / UK
      A shopkeeper found dead in his store may have been the victim of a ritualistic killing, police said.
      Subramaniam Sivakumar, 44, was found laid out on the ground, hands by his side, with a shoelace around his neck and bags of rice placed over his body.
      July 19, 2006

  • South America

    • Peru
      A decapitated baby boy found on a hilltop near Lake Titicaca may have been killed last week in a human sacrifice ritual, police said.
      Februari 4, 2004






















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