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Not only in Liberia
Ritual Killing Congo Kinshasa (3 cases reported here)

Freedom of fear is a human right
Rule of law an obligation of the state


  1. Triangle of Death:
    In 2003 the Mai Mai launched an insurgency against Congo’s new transitional government and its army. Since that time they have murdered local chiefs, government officials, persons who registered to vote in upcoming elections, and people they accuse of sorcery, many of whom were killed in horrific public ceremonies. Some of the victims were cannibalized.
    Human Rights Watch 2006
  2. Cannibalisme goes unpunished in Katanga.
    July 21, 2006
  3. The International Criminal Court is being urged to investigate "a campaign of extermination" against pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    April 6, 2004


Horror, in hard focus

For the past nine years, Congo has kept drawing him (photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale) back. Conflicts among warlords, rebel groups and government forces over control of the country's gold mines have left almost 4 million people dead since 1998 and created a humanitarian crisis in the country. Memorable lines from Mr. Conrad's classic novel, such as "the horror, the horror", were not hard to represent in a photograph, he says, gesturing to one that shows a young mother whose arm was hacked off and eaten in front of her by her attackers when she was trying to protect her son.

"Cannibalism is not the right word. I prefer to call it ritual killing," Mr. Bleasdale says with the calm assertion of someone who has encountered it. "The consumption of the flesh is empowerment. You destroy your enemy's spirits and you take them on, you take on his power."

Rape of a Nation

Globe Life, January 7, 2008





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