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Not only in Liberia
Ritual Killing Mali (3 cases reported here)

Freedom of fear is a human right
Rule of law an obligation of the state


  1. Human bodyparts found and a mutilated baby.
    French article
    May 27, 2004
  2. Man accused of kidnapping child for ritual murder.
    French article

    May 24,  2004
  3. Several children found mutilated.
    French article
    March 29, 2004



















Mozambique, like most African states, has serious problems from certain aspects of its culture – the growth in witchcraft and human sacrifice - that appear to inhibit its impressive growth. The growth of such negative cultural practices over the years show that Mozambique and other African states are yet to have holistic grasp of their cultural values, positive or negative, that drive their development. Such features are not factored in when developing policies, bureaucratizing, and consultancies. It is, therefore, not surprising that the BBC (2 August 2007) reports that “murder, mutilation and exhuming human bones for witchcraft have become a common practice, particularly in the country's northern and central regions. Items are sold in neighbouring Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe.” Such worrying practices occur against the backdrop, paradoxically, of growing economy and poverty remaining widespread and Mozambique still heavily dependent on donor aid - and subject to the whims and caprices of conditions attached to such assistance.
August 5, 2007














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