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Ritual Killing Togo (6 cases reported here)

Freedom of fear is a human right
Rule of law an obligation of the state


  1. 'Gang behind' Togo's beheadings
    Togolese police say they are probing what could be a cross-border network of killers after six beheadings in Togo and one in Benin earlier this month.
    September 27, 2007

    Headless corpses raise ritual killing fear
    Six grisly murders in Togo in which the victims were decapitated and drained of their blood have raised fears of a resurgence of ritual killings ahead of parliamentary elections in the West African state next month, on October 14.

    The killings occurred last weekend in the southern Vo and Lacs prefectures, east of the capital Lome. The victims included a 12-year-old boy and a 63-year-old woman and their severed heads were carried off by the killers.
    Police announced the arrest of four suspects, including one from neighboring Benin, the West African home of the ancient Voodoo religion, who confessed to killing the 12-year-old boy.
    (...) the arrested Benin citizen, Roger Kodjo Hounguiya, had confessed that he was working for a fellow countryman, Jean Goudjo, wanted in Benin for murders involving mutilation.
    September 21, 2007
  2. A Nigerian trader of Igbo origin (....) is reportedly killed in Lome, Togo, by a mob. He was killed in a reprisal against alleged killing of three Togolese children, by a Nigerian, for rituals, a statement from Embassy of Nigeria in Togo has said. The man was reported to have been killed at Asiyeye market in Lome, the capital of Togo, during a riot sparked by the killing-for-ritual allegation.
    May 3, 2007




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