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Diamond Fields International Ltd.  


The first exploration activities of the Canadian company Diamond Fields International Ltd. (DFI) in Liberia date from 1994.

Actually, the international mining company holds exploration rights in four areas in Liberia. The concession rights include exploration rights for diamonds and gold and cover four concession areas: in Nimba, River Cess, Grand Gedeh, Lofa and Grand Cape Mount Counties.

The ‘properties’, as they are called, in Grand Gedeh County and in Lofa/Grand Cape Mount Counties were acquired through an option agreement with Ducor Minerals Inc., a Liberian registered company, in 2004.

The two properties include the Bopolu Diamond concession in the western part of Liberia (Grand Cape Mount and Lofa Counties) and a concession area in Grand Gedeh County covering alluvial gold workings along the Cestos Shear near the border with Ivory Coast.


The Bopolu Property is approximately 1,095 km2 in size and is located within the counties of Lofa and Grand Cape Mount, in the western part of the country. The Grand Cape Mount County concession is immediately adjacent to the Kpo property (Bea Mountain concession) of Mano River Resources Inc.. There are various target areas within the Bopolu concession area.

River Cess

The River Cess gold concession covers approximately 1,300 km2 in River Cess and Sinoe Counties, and is located near the Cestos Shear zone.

Grand Gedeh

The optioned Grand Gedeh concession area is approximately 719 km2 and is located within Grand Gedeh County in eastern Liberia.


Grand Cape Mount County Diamonds and Gold

On January 9, 2006 Diamond Fields International Ltd. announced the first discovery of kimberlite1 on its concession area in Grand Cape Mount County. In the same county, in the area near Henry Town (where gold showings are the target of artisanal miners recovering coarse gold), geologists of the Canadian company continue to explore what appears to be a shear hosted gold system.

Grand Gedeh County

Recorded gold mining operations in this region date as far back as the late 1930s. One area known to contain the precious mineral is the Barteajam area, which forms part of the company’s optioned 718 km2 concession area. The optioned area has the potential to host a multi-million ounce gold deposit. The Barteajam area has been exploited by artisanal miners since the 1940s. It is located east of the Cestos Shear Zone, a crustal level feature extending into the Republic of Mali and host to numerous gold deposits including the Syama Mine.

Diamond Fields International Ltd. is an internationally active exploration and mining company pursuing mineral exploration opportunities worldwide. The Company's corporate strategy is to maximize cash flow from its Namibian marine diamond concessions and systematically explore and develop its international mineral exploration projects. In addition, the Company continues to explore opportunities to acquire new economic mineral projects worldwide.

Diamond Fields' exploration team in Liberia is comprised of geologists seconded from the Ministry of Minerals and Energy.
The Canadian company hosts a website which reports on progress on its mining activities in Liberia.  (Search this site: Liberia)













1 Kimberlites often contain chromium-bearing spinel, olivine, garnet, and other minerals which are known as indicator minerals for the presence of diamond.

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