Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC) operating in Bassa County.
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Rubber sheets ready for transportation to Firestone, Akron, Ohio, USA.
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Buying rubber from independent Liberian Rubber Farmers
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Concession agreements studied:
Agriculture / Rubber

  1. Firestone
  2. The Liberia Company
  3. The African Fruit Company
  4. LeTourneau of Liberia
  5. Juan Jesus Ramos Associates Plantations
  6. The Liberia Operations Inc.
  7. The West African Agricultural Corporation
  8. The B.F.Goodridge Company
  9. The Liberian Agricultural Company / Uniroyal
  10. The Salala Rubber Corporation
  11. Alan L. Grant (Liberia) Inc.





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Lessons from foreign investments in Liberia



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