25 Presidents, 6 Interim Presidents


On January 22, 2018 George M. Weah was sworn in as Liberia's 25th President. He had been elected in the 2017 presidential elections when he defeated the sitting Vice President, two former warlords and his own ex-girlfriend. George M. Weah has thus become the first former international soccer star who became president of a country. Even more important he is Liberia's first democraticly elected indigenous president.

George M. Weah succeeded to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia's and Africa's first elected female president (2012-2018).

The term of office
In 1847 the President's term of office was two years. During the Administration of President Arthur Barclay the term of office was changed to four years, in 1907/08. His cousin President Edwin Barclay had it changed to eight years, in 1935/36. It was restored to four years under President Tubman - who was elected a record number of six times. During the Tolbert Administration, in 1975/76, it was again changed to eight years. At present the presidential term of office is six years whereas the president can only succeed to himself once.

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