The Leopard Society in the Nimba Range and 
at the Kru coast

'These people bad, they chop men'

The Harvard expedition also found that these ritual practices were not limited to the Mano and Gio. "In certain parts of the eastern Kru coast, the use of human flesh and fat for charms, fetishes and sacrifices has existed sporadically until very recent times, and the missionaries tell many stories and cite many instances of individual killings who have been killed for this purpose." (Strong, 1930: p. 102). Though the US mission also reported that the Government of Liberia had already done a good deal to put down the activities of the leopard men, in reality it proved very difficult to eliminate their practices. People coninued to fear the leopard men. 

Also Graham Greene travelled through the interior of Liberia, in the 1930s. After his trip who wrote his famous 'Journey Without Maps' (1936) . He visited Ganta, in the Nimba Range, in the north-east of the country. His Gio carriers Laminah and Amedoo felt very uneasy during this part of the trip. Greene reports: 'Laminah and Amedoo kwew all about it. Laminah said to me one day, "these people bad, they chop men.", and they were happy to leave the Manos behind.' (Greene, 1976: p. 174). 















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