Hill, Polly (1970): Studies in Rural Capitalism in West Africa. Cambridge University Press Hunt, K.E. (1969) Agricultural Statistics for Developing Countries. University of Oxford Institute for Agrarian Affairs.

Van Santen C.E.

The following nine technical papers written by Van Santen for the FAO Rice Development Project 1970-1974, are now available in digital format and can be requested from him by email to

1. (1974) Selected Economic Aspects of Expanding Rice Production in Liberia: Food and Agriculture Organization/ United Nations, Rome Italy.

2. (1974) Farm Management & Production Economy Working Papers no I –VI Development of Rice Cultivation Project Liberia Monrovia 1974:

  1. Smallholder Farming in the Foya Area -1971
  2. Smallholder Farming in the Gbarnga District -1972
  3. Tentative Economic Appraisal of Rice Production – 1972
  4. Rice Yields – Foya Area: Harvest 1971-1972
  5. Rural Markets in the Kolahun District 1971-1972
  6. A Rotation Crop Program –Foya 1972-1972

3. (1974) Notes on Smallholder Rice Production in Liberia.Socio Economic Seminar April 1974, West Africa Rice Development Association, Monrovia, Liberia

4. (1974) Agricultural Economic Research of Smallholder Farming in Liberia. FAO,Rome, Italy

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