Text of Liberia President Taylor's Letter of Resignation 
Thursday, August 7, 2003

A little over two months ago I made a profound declaration in Accra, Ghana at the summit of heads of state of the Economic Community of West African States and the African Union that is helping to shift the destiny of our common patrimony in the 21st century. We have been fully aware of the prevailing circumstances in our nation today regarding the civil conflict, in which our country has been betrayed by unscrupulous politicians - our brothers and sisters in self-imposed exile. Compiling their betrayal are persistent double standards applied against Liberia by the international community, which have led to a breakdown of law and order on the one hand and the destruction of the Liberian economy on the other. The international conspiracy against the government has been orchestrated through the support of two major rebel incursions from Guinea and La Cote d'Ivoire with the support of armed insurgents from Sierra Leone. Strong arms embargoes, economic sanctions and travel bans were imposed on this government several years ago. Foreign investment to this country has been discouraged at all levels while demonization of my person with the act of tarnishing my image and that of Liberia continued to be orchestrated. These orchestrations have prevented me carrying out my constitutional responsibility of defending the country and providing essential services to the people. 

Therefore, I, as president of this noble republic can no longer preside over the suffering and humiliation of the Liberian people. As a consequence of broad-based international conspiracy, it was on the account of this enduring compassion from the people of this republic that I declared on June 4, 2003 in Accra, Ghana, that if I was seen to be the problem in Liberia, I was prepared to relinquish the mantle of authority to allow the Liberian people to live. Since that declaration, no one has determined that I am the problem. However, the orchestrations in Liberia have been declared in alarming extent. As a result of these unprovoked attacks on the city of Monrovia by LURD rebels costing the death of more than 2,000 innocent civilians, the massive loss of property and humanitarian catastrophe. The state of affairs is unacceptable. Liberia today stands at the threshold of survival that requires sober thinking, expedient actions and mature decisions. The action and decision that we evolve today can only be judged by history and posterity, for we are convinced that we are not the problem in Liberia. Neither is this government solely to blame for the current state of affairs. Nevertheless, we are constrained by the responsibility placed upon our shoulders by the constitution of the Republic of Liberia to honor the sacred heritage of our forebears and do what is right for the survival of our nation. 

In consequence of these grave responsibilities, I have after much soul searching and prayerful consideration decided that I will begin the process to allow for the cessation of hostilities, healing of the wounds, the encouragement of reconciliation of all Liberians. I have decided to sacrifice my presidency and turn over the mantle of authority to my vice president at precisely 11.59 on Monday, Aug 11, 2003. 

It is my hope that this decision will then allow for the restoration of peace, security and prosperity to Liberia and that all of the assistance withheld by international donors during my tenure of service will finally devolve to the Liberian people for the good of the country. I take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to the Liberian legislature, the judiciary, my government and the entire citizenry of Liberia for their support and cooperation accorded me over the past six years. Even as I take this decision, you have my assurance that as a patriotic Liberian, I will remain available to offer my experience, talent, counsel and resources to assist in whatever way I can be called upon. May God almighty prosper the work of our hand and save the state.