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Guus Kouwenhoven

'Dutch fugitive' Guus Kouwenhoven
Found guilty by Dutch Supreme Court and sentenced; fled to South Africa; the Dutch requested his extradition; South African decison still pending; multiple times postponed; increasingly questions about the justification of his non-extradition;

Jungle Jabbah / Mohammed Jabbateh

Mohammed Jabbateh a.k.a.
Jungle Jabbah
April 19, 2018:
Delco War Criminal 'Jungle Jabbah' Sentenced to 30 years in prison

Liberian warlord 'Jungle Jabbah' sentenced to 30 years in prison is milestone for global justice - Statement by Civita Maxima and the GJRP, Global Justice and Research Project

Martina Johnson

Martina Johnson
Arrested in Belgium (2014); not yet tried.

Alieu Kosiah
(Chronological order)

Alieu Kosiah
Arrested in Switzerland (2014); not yet tried.

Switzerland to prosecute ex-ULIMO commander Alieu Kosiah for war crimes in Liberia
March 28, 2018

Agnes Reeves Taylor

Chronological order)

Agnes Reeves Taylor
Arrested in the UK (2017); not yet tried.

Ex-wife of former Liberia leader Charles Taylor denies torture
BBC, October 10, 2018

Ex-wife of former Liberian president Charles Taylor denies string of torture charges
The Telegraph, October 10, 2018

Liberia former first lady in UK court for torture charges
Agnes Taylor denies string of torture offenses, which date back to 1989-1991.
by Catherine Stancl - Al Jazeera (with video). March 21, 2019

Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor
Found guilty by US Court (2009); sentenced to 97 years in prison

Moses Thomas

Moses Thomas
Arrested in the US (2018); not yet tried.

Kunti K. / Awaliho Soumaworo

Awaliho Soumaworo a.k.a. Kunti K.
Arrested in France (2018); not yet tried

Kunti K., whose real name is (might be) Awaliho Soumaworo, is a Liberian with Dutch nationality. He was arrested in France on September 4, 2018 for his alleged involvement in crimes committed during the First Liberian Civil War (1989-1996) while acting as a ULIMO-K fighter / commander. He is accused of human rights violations including torture, using child-soldeirs, murder, slavery, even cannibalism.

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September 7, 2018

Un Libérien soupçonné de crime contre l’humanité arrêté à Bobigny
(translattion: A Liberian, suspected of crimes against humanity, was arrested in Bobigny (France)
Eric Pelletier, September 7, 2018

Thomas Woewiyu

Thomas Woewiyu, co-founder of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) and former NPFL spokesperson , later Charles Taylor’s Minister of Defense, was arrested in the USA in May 2014. He stood trial for alleged war crimes, immigration fraud and perjury and was found guilty.

Thomas Woewiyu faced trial starting June 11, 2018. He was convicted of 11 out of 16 counts on July 3, 2018. He faces up to 110 years in prison. (source: Civitas Maxima). His sentencing, originally scheduled for October 15, was delayed by more than a month until November 26, US Justice Department officials announced on September 17, 2018.

Chronology of events (summary)
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Civitas Maxima - YouTube
July 4, 2018

Key Question 2 - Trial of Thomas Woewiyu

Key Question 3 - Trial of Thomas Woewiyu

Key Question 4 - Trial of Thomas Woewiyu

Thomas Woewiyu conviction
Philly.com - YouTube
July 3, 2018

Thom Woewiyu makes first appearance in court
FrontPageAfrica - YouTube
June 12, 2018

Official US documents:

Liberian War Criminal Living in Delaware County Convicted of Immigration Fraud and Perjury | USAO-EDPA | Department of Justice
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Alleged War Criminal Arrested On Fraud Charges | USAO-EDPA | Department of Justice
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Alleged War Criminal Arrested
Original source: United States Department of Justice, The United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
May 13, 2014

Articles - general:

Thomas Woewiyu’s Trial and Liberia’s Quest for Justice
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Woewiyu Sentencing Delayed by More Than a Month
FrontPageAfrica, Monrovia, Liberia, September 18, 2018

Thomas Woewiyu Found Guilty on 11 Counts in Philadelphia
FrontPageAfrica, Monrovia, Liberia, July 3, 2018

Delco man convicted of hiding past as Liberian war criminal
by Jeremy Roebuck and Kelly Brennan, The Inquirer
July 3, 2018 (updated)

U.S. District Court to Begin Hearing Tom Woewiyu Trial Feb. 26, 2018
By Al-Varney Rogers, FrontPageAfrica, Monrovia, Liberia
December 12, 2017




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