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  • Liberia and Friends
    The rants and concerns of a proud Liberian

  • Liberia Classmates
    Helps you find your friends and classmates

  • Liberia  Stories
    Elma Shaw writes about living in postwar Liberia, and strives to balance the scale between despair and hope

  • Liberian Perspectives
    LPP author Fred van der Kraaij's comments on  events in Liberia and Liberia related events.

  • Liberian Voices
    Blog intended to stimulate independent views of sociocultural and socieconomic issues affecting sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Nation of Liberia is the main focus of this blog

  • TLC Africa - Snapshots from Monrovia
    Wonderful pictures of a recovering Liberia.

  • The Liberian Dialogue
    A non-partisan, issue oriented web magazine, whose mission is to provide a forum that will facilitate the healthy exchange of ideas among Liberians and others, in discussing the future of our country

  • The Liberian Forum
    Keeping Liberians Connected

  • The Liberian Times/ Global News Network
    Global News Network, Inc., a local Liberian news agency is operated by a Liberian journalist, Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks. Mr. Brooks is also the Publisher of The Star Newspaper, a Bi-Weely informative newspaper. Mr. Brooks previously worked for the BBC African Service, the German Press Agency (DPA), and is the contact person for over 10 websites around the globe. He is a member of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) since 1972, and also one of the Contact Persons in Liberia for the Committee to Protect Journalists, a United States based Rights Organization.

  • Shelby Grossman's Blog
    Shelby Grossman is a first year graduate student in the Department of Government at Harvard University. Her blog is one of the most informative on Liberian affairs and follows very closely the actual news.

  • The way I see it - Diggin a little deeper
    Blog of Dennis Jah

  • World Blogs Search: Liberia   
    Over 370 blogs!

Magazines and Newspapers:

    Liberian and other African news

  • The Analyst 
    Monrovia-based independent newspaper:
    'Liberia's Most Analytical Newspaper'

  • The Daily Observer
    Monrovia-based independent newspaper
    founded by Kenneth Y. Best

  • New Democrat
    Independent online newspaper
    Chief editor Tom Kamara

  • New Liberian
    A resource for Liberia's human rights, health care, exile and political communities as we work toward reconstruction and reconciliation

  • The Informer New - added September 26, 2010
    Online news, started in September 2005. Since November 2006 on a regular basis. Interesting archives. Search function.  

  • The Liberian Journal
    News and opinions; also many useful links

  • The Liberian Times   
    Liberia's most trusted news source

  • The Perspective
    One of the most elaborate news sites on Liberia

  • TLC Africa 2008
    Internet magazine that connects Liberians around the world

  • Running Africa
    Liberian and other African news

Miscellaneous Topics:
  • African Affairs - Oxford journals
    African Affairs is published on behalf of the
    Royal African Society. It publishes articles on recent political, social and economic developments in sub-Saharan countries

    Dave and Dennis have passions for writing, teaching, telling stories, and listening to other people.

  • The African Art Collection of Walter Logan Fry
    Photographs, letters and objects from the collection of Walter Logan Fry, Cashier Bank of Monrovia 1930s. Of special interest are six figures by the Liberian brass-caster Ldamie

  • The Executive Mansion

  • First Clearing LTD of LIBERIA
    Under the new leadership of President C. Gyude Bryant and the transitional government, Liberia is forming new International alliances with business and governments

  • Forced Migration Online
    Information on human displacement

  • International Crisisgroup
    The International Crisis Group is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization

  • Joseph Tellewoyan
    Rich in information and illustrations - on Liberia and Liberians abroad

  • Languages of Liberia
    An encyclopedic reference work. Also on a map

  • Liberia / Dogon / Lobi

  • Liberia Encyclopedia

  • Liberian Collections Project   
    Indiana University, Bloomington

  • Liberiapedia New - added September 26, 2010
    Digital Archives of Scholarship on Liberia, Crossroads of Africa and Africa's Diaspora;
    pedia is dedicated to preserving Liberia’s historical legacy and heritage. The four featured collections are: (i) glossary of Liberian English, (ii) index of legislative acts, (iii) collection of folk tales; and (iv) list of immigrants, 1820-1904

  • Liberian History and Society
    The largest bibliography found on line by professor Svend Holsoe: Reference Material, Historical  Documents, Texts, Articles, County Handbooks

  • Liberia History   

    Land of the Free

  • Monrovia U.S. Embassy

  • Nations on Line: Liberia   
    A virtual guide to Liberia. Get an overview of Liberia's art, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and its government.
    This page offers maps, statistics, weather information, and links to sources that provide you with information about this Western African nation, e.g.: official web sites of Liberia, addresses of Liberian and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, local news, city- and country guides with travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more.

    Network for the development of Liberia

  • PBS - Global Connections: Liberia
    This site about Liberia is a part of Global Connections, a group of Web sites created by the WGBH Educational Foundation. Global Connections offers background information and resources for high school teachers, students, and the generally curious to gain a better understanding of key events of national and international significance.

  • Roll of Emigrants to Liberia, 1820-1843
    Access to information for the Emigrants to Liberia between 1820 and 1843 data, as well as the 1843 Liberian Census Data.

  • Sea Breeze
    Journal of Contemporary Liberian Writings
    This beautiful and fascinating site combines art, book reviews a.s.o. and is an asset to the Liberian Community and to anyone interested in Africa's oldest republic

  • Settlers to Liberia   
    Access to information for the Emigrants to Liberia between 1843 and 187? Work in progress! It also contains the names of many of the vessels used to carry the emigrants to Liberia. The publication documents the activities of the American Colonization Society. The information is taken from The African Repository, and Colonial Journal (later just The African Repository).

  • Think Liberia - Touching Humanity In Need of Kindness: Focuses on the rights and wellbeing of women and children, notably 'war wives' of fighting forces, other victims of sexual violence, and child mothers.

  • Truth | reconciled

  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission   
    The TRC was created in 2005 and is responsible for investigating the root causes of the conflict in Liberia, correcting historical inaccuracies and bringing truths to light. The TRC is creating an independent and accurate record of the rights violations and abuses as a result of the conflict. The TRC is building the foundation for justice and reconciliation that will foster national repentance and strike the delicate balance between accountability and forgiveness.

  • Voyage 

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