Recommended Reading
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  • 'Liberia:  From the Love of Liberty to Paradise Lost'
    (African Studies Centre, ASC, 2015)
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    Also available in open access: download here

    Dutch version
  • ‘Comments on Arthur Knoll's "Firestone's Liberian Investment (1922-1932)" ‘,
    in: Liberian Studies Journal, Vol. XIV, no. 1, 1989, pp. 118-123.
  • ‘The Open Door Policy: Past, Present and Perspectives of the Liberian concept of Foreign Investment’,
    in: 'Liberia. Underdevelopment and political rule in a peripheral society' (Kappel/Korte/Mascher, eds., Hamburg, 1986),
    pp. 150 - 191.
  • ‘The Open Door Policy of Liberia - An Economic History of Modern Liberia’,
    2 volumes, 703 pp. (Bremen, 1983).
  • ‘Firestone in Liberia’
    in: 'Dependence, Underdevelopment and Persistent Conflict' (Hinzen/Kappel, eds., Bremen, 1980), pp. 199 – 266
  • History of Liberia by
    New  edition (2007)Preface by
    Fred P.M. van der Kraaij
  • 1891 edition as ebook
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