Four presidents who resigned

Anthony W. Gardiner


1. President Anthony W. Gardiner
Resigned following his handling of a boundary dispute with the British. He was succeeded by Vice President Alfred F. Russell.  






William D. Coleman


2. President William D. Coleman

Resigned after members of his Cabinet, the Legislature and other citizens expressed dissatisfaction over his interior policy. Since Vice President J.J.Ross had died, Coleman was succeeded by his Secretary of State, Garretson W. Gibson. 





Charles D.B. King


3. President Charles D.B. King
Following publication of the Christy report, the House of Representatives started the procedure to impeach President King who hastily resigned. He was succeeded by Secretary of State Edwin Barclay.




Charles G. Taylor


4. President Charles G. Taylor

Resigned after rebel forces had taken control of most of the country's territory and following international pressure; he was granted political asylum in Nigeria by President Obasanjo despite being indicted by the Sierra Leone War Crimes Tribunal. President Taylor was succeeded by Vice President Moses Blah who thus became Liberia's second president of tribal descent, after Samuel K. Doe
For the original text of Taylor's resignation on August 11, 2003, see here.



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