The Seal

The seal shows a sailing-vessel approaching the coast, a palm tree, a plow and a spade on the shore, a dove on the wing with an open scroll in its claws and the sun just emerging from the waters. Above the emblem the national motto: THE LOVE OF LIBERTY BROUGHT US HERE and beneath it, the words REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA.

The symbols of the seal are obvious: a peace-bringing bird, the dove, arrives with a message from overseas (the United States), the granting of independence. The ship represents the arrival of the colonists, as does the national motto: 
Also the spade and the plough refer to the colonists as they brought these tools with them. The palm tree may symbolize one of the main products of the region.


From: ‘The Open Door Policy of Liberia. An Economic History of Modern Liberia', p. 10,
by Fred van der Kraaij  
© fpm van der kraaij